Inside Yakwii's Closet: Unveiling 'Therapy Sessions' with Avistra

Step into the vibrant world of Yakwii's Closet in our latest episode, where we explore the art of rearranging and engage in a captivating conversation with Our very own Avistra.

Discover the story behind his newly released 'Therapy Sessions' extended mix and gain insight into the creative process that crafted its greatness. As we dive into Yakwii's Closet, Showcasing the fusion of art, music, and fashion.

Located in Miami FL, Our gallery spans two floors, featuring graffiti & art by some of Miami's elite artists. Join the movement that values progress over perfection, and empowers you to become a #HistoryMaker in your own right. Tune in now! #TherapySessionsMix #progressoverperfection #artisticexpressions #creativejourney #yakwiiscloset #gallery #boutique #historymakers #positivevibesonly

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"We were never created to live an average life. We were created to be History Makers." - William Yakwii

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