Creating a Custom Chef Coat for John Aries Visuals Inside History Makers

In this video, join us at our History Makers gallery boutique as we create a custom chef coat for our friend and talented director/chef, John Aries Visuals. Watch as we showcase the process of combining fashion and food to create a unique piece that represents John's creativity and passion. Our space at "Fashion For Greatness" is where we bring our one-of-a-kind pieces to life, and we're excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our process.


After completing the custom chef coat, we took John to the iconic "Yakwii's Closet" for a photo shoot session with Jay Ramirez. This is just one example of the creativity and positivity that flows through our space, as we aim to inspire and unite history makers from all over the world.

Join us on this journey and embrace the positive vibes only lifestyle. Remember, we were never created to live an average life. We were created to be history makers.

Filmed By: John Aries Visuals

Produced By: History Makers 02

Photography By: Jay Ramirez

Executive Produced By: William Yakwii


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